Wednesday, 12 June 2013

What are the Lumbar Multifidi and Transversus Abdominus?

Hello everyone..welcome to our simple blog..have you read the previous entry on Low Back Pain and Lumbar Stabilization Exercises?, i introduce you to the smallest yet most powerful muscle that gives support to the spine..The lumbar multifidi are the deepest layer ofmuscles of the back. They attach from the vertebral arches to the spinous process. Each multifidi connects 1 -3 vertebrae, (the vertebrae are the bones of the spine) controlling movement between the vertebrae.

Now, let's move to the Transversus Abdominus. The Transversus Abdominus is the deepest of the abdominal muscles and is also a stabilizer of the spine. Support by this muscle is considered to be the most important of the abdominal muscle and has also been found to be in a weakened state in those who have chronic back pain or problem.It's normal action along with the action of the lumbar multifidus muscles function together to form a deep internal corset that acts to stabilize the spine during movement. This pattern of protection is disrupted in patients with low back pain. It is uncertain why these muscles become dysfunctional after a low back injury, but specific exercises focusing on the contraction of these two muscle together will improve the protective stabilizing ability of the spinal muscles, reduce pain intensity, and improve activities of daily living as well as body awareness and long of to how about your back?do you have a good back or bad back?..don't forget to contact us for consultation and treatment if your back give you a problem..Have a good day everyone..

 Transversus Abdominus From the front

Transversus Abdominus from the side

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