Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Inactive for a moment

   Hi everyone...This is Azie writing from KL..How are you all?we hope everyone is in good health and in good shape..i just want to let you guys know that Ihtisyam Home Physiotherapy Services ( Based in KK) is currently being put on hold due to Syam is busy with his Agrofarm things in Kota Belud and i'm still in KL for this time being. We are very sorry but yet thankful that there is someone who came across to this blog and ask for info about the services that we offered..we were very very sorry that we can't make it at this time being...
  Last but not least...hoorayyyy..i just want to share my little happiness..guess what?finally i am being transferred back to my hometown..Sabah Land Below The i'll be in Sabah (for good) in another 3 weeks...can't wait to serve my people here in Sabah.. i Love Sabah!! haha..okay guys...see you soonnnnnn...till we meet again